Cat Toys

It is time to play


In our assortment you will find exciting toys for every cat and tomcat. Plush mice and balls or toys with catnip activate the play instinct. Cat rods stimulate the hunting instinct in a natural way. We put emphasis on good workmanship and environmentally friendly production for our cat toys. Our assortment is continuously extended.


And if you are looking for something special, then take a look at our Spooky Toons.

Our Range at a Glance

Selected cat toys, balls and rods

More Information

Petlando cat toys are available only in specialist pet shops


  • Cat toys - 21 different toys: balls, rolls, plush, with and without catnip filling, with and without sound
  • Cat rods - with real wood rod, rope made of real leather. 9 different pendants made of different materials (feather, felt, sisal, plush)
  • Cat sticks - 40 and 64 cm long with different feathers