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Cat Bed Vienna

The cat bed Vienna has an extra high edge so it can be folded over and a non-slip underside. The reversible plush cushion makes Vienna incomparably cosy. Whether in black or in beige/beige and slate/slate colour contrast, Vienna is versatile and fits in every living room. Diameter approx. 50x 45 cm. More cat beds available here.



Windowchiller - Windowsill Cushion for Cats

This will be your cat’s new favourite place with the best possible view and a wonderfully heat-retaining surface made of cuddly imitation fur. The non-slip underside provides the necessary support. Petlando Windowchiller is OEKO-TEX certified. More pictures of the Windowchiller are available here.



Catbowls Anti-Slip

In beige, grey, blue or red, the day can begin in style. The ceramic bowl has a non-slip base and is dishwasher safe. Its' special shape is ideal for sensitive whiskers.



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