PiRatten, LariSafari & Spooky Toons

Meet the Spooky Cat and her friends

We think that cat toys should also be special

Have you already discovered in the shop the PiRats, the LariSafaris or the Spooky Cat with their friends PiRatte Momo, Safari Zacharias or Spooky Knirschi?


Our special cat toys are friendly little creatures, robust for playing and filled with catnip. They activate your cat's play instinct in a natural way. As toys or cat rods. These and many more of our exciting figures are available at your local retailer.


Click on the pictures to see the complete Spooky Toons.


Spooky Knirschi

Spooky Groblin

Spooky Vicky

PiRatte Bono

PiRatte Momo

PiRatte MermaidRat Dolly

LariSafari Golo

LariSafari Baba

LariSafari Tabea

Spooky Fladder (Cat rod)

PiRatten JollyRoger (cat rod)

PiRatten Riko (cat rod)

More Information

The cat toys from Petlando are available everywhere in specialist pet shops


Our first self-created collection with 26 different Spooky Toons came out in 2021 - as a toy or cat fishing rod. Meanwhile, there are 3 collections in addition to our basic toys - as toys or cat rods. Boredom can't arise here with your cat.

  • More than 25 Spooky Toons, Catrods, Spooky Monsters and Spooky balls
  • 12 PiRatten and 12 Lari-Safari-toy animals ...
  • and many other cat toys, scratching bars, tunnels and feather rods.